My Philosophy

Hypnotherapy is the process of utilizing the tool of hypnosis in a therapeutic session. My practice philosophy is based on the transpersonal hypnotherapy model, which is a client-driven gentle and titrated method for examining the root causes of problems, applying behavior and thought modifications to change habits, focusing on the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit. It is not necessary for a client to be re-traumatized in order to heal. 

Every client is treated as an individual, and each session is customized based on a pre-hypnosis conversation. This dialogue will determine reveal a target issue, a goal or intention, and will inform the hypnotic suggestions.


What to Expect 

You are in control. You will remain aware of your surroundings, and will only do or say things congruent with your values and beliefs. 


The experience only requires your desire to change, as well as your determination and willingness to concentrate and use your imagination.


Whatever happens is just right, and you can't possibly do this wrong. Now, are you ready to create lasting change through the experience of hypnosis?


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The altered state of consciousness is similar to something you experience twice a day when waking up and falling asleep. You may also have become entranced while driving, watching a favorite TV show or movie, engrossed in a good book or other activity.

It's a process where you are encouraged to relax deeply while maintaining focused concentration on the suggestions provided to your subconscious mind based on the goal you have outlined. When you are in this state your subconscious mind is very receptive to these suggestions and that is when transformation can occur. You can stop the process whenever you wish.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, but the results are long lasting.