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My recovery Outcome Using the ANS Rewire Recovery Program

After 33 years of illness, I recovered from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia using the ANS REWIRE program and share my experience and a bit of my history with the illness in the post below.

A Little of My Illness History:

I was 13 years post-diagnoses with Myalgic Encephalomyopathy (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) ME/CFS/FMS, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and more. I had been 33 years ill, and was 58 years old when Dan Neuffer’s book CFS Unravelled first crossed my desk. Early in my career I had been an audiologist, and later in 2005 was working in the pharmaceutical industry when my ability to work ended abruptly due to the severity of symptoms. Prior to that my illness had a very gradually progressed following several infections and personal stress beginning in 1985. I was plagued by a laundry list of various symptoms affecting most bodily systems, and was mostly couch bound and quite limited in my abilities.

Although I had been bitten by a tick in the early 1990’s, but because a Lyme test years later during the diagnostic period was negative, all my doctors ruled it out. But in 2012 I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme by a Lyme literate neurosurgeon. After a 3-year herbal protocol my functional level increased from 40% to 60%. This was a big deal, but it was not recovery.

CFS Unravelled Book:

When I read CFS Unravelled it was as though someone traced all the breadcrumbs back to their source, the root cause of everything I had experienced. For me, it demonstrated how all the dominoes of my balanced health had fallen, and it painted a clear path to getting them to stand back up again. It clearly laid out that this had a physiological bases, not a psychological one, and the science presented in the book resonated with everything I had learned about the brain during my undergraduate and graduate studies. Seeing it applied to my illness experience was new and intriguing!

Doubt and Skepticism about ANS REWIRE:

Apprehension, fear or failure, and fear of success all crept in. I thought maybe I was different from all those other patients who I watched in their recovery videos. Sure, they could recover, but was I too sick? Had I been sick too long? Was I somehow uniquely ill? Or was I just too old to recover? I couldn’t answer these questions, but still I felt so compelled to try the ANS Rewire recovery program. Why not? I had tried so many other things, and I’d spent a small fortune on supplements, treatments, therapies, etc. In reality this program wouldn’t even cost me as much as I’d spent on supplements in any given year! Yes. I knew I had to try, and even if I just improved, my husband agreed that it would be worth it.

Committing to the ANS REWIRE Program:

So, on March 1, 2018 I started the ANS Rewire recovery program. Prior to starting I knew that I must make recovery my focus for a period of time, whether that would be a year, or two, or whatever. It didn’t matter because if I could recover I would have the rest of my life to live. So, I reduced my other responsibilities as much as possible. My daily life was guided by a recovery mindset, as though I was at an in-patient recovery facility. All my actions had to pass a litmus test of whether it would help me recover. I wasn’t always successful, but I was able to find balance, and I told myself that a failure is just information.

A Brief Description of The ANS REWIRE Program:

The ANS Rewire recovery program is a comprehensive, multilateral self-paced recovery program for ME/CFS/FM/POTS/PTSD that establishes dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) as the root of these chronic illnesses. It utilizes methods which systematically concentrate on resetting the ANS to restore normal healthy functionality to the affected bodily systems, including: gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurological, circulatory, sleep, cognition, and pain. This was the first time anything had presented itself that fully addressed the WHOLE of my illness experience. Included in the program are multiple modules, each with a focus on an aspect of recovery, including nutrition, supplementation, sleep, meditation, pain, and more, and although there is a section for reframing thoughts, rewiring the brain is woven throughout each of the modules. The course builds as it progresses, and although I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t have the bandwidth to even get through it, because I’d relegated my other responsibilities, I was able to work on the program a little bit each day. The instruction is presented in a clear and concise manner, with recommendations for practical applications in daily life. Because it is self-paced one can approach this on a personalized schedule, and the videos can be paused or rewatched. There is a forum where other patients in the program write questions or comments, and Dan provides input when necessary. It's a very helpful and supportive resource. Progress is monitored via a symptom questionnaire that is completed prior to starting the program, periodically throughout, and at the completion of the program.  This provides an overall measure of severity and activity levels so that recovery is pre-defined and improvement is apparent.

Conclusions about ANS REWIRE:

I had lived with ME/CFS, FMS, for 33 years, with minimal relief from decades of conventional and alternative therapies and treatments. After completing the ANS REWIRE Program and applying its recommendations while under the supervision of a local Naturopathic medical provider I experienced dramatic effects, and as of this writing in the fall of 2022 I continue to have a complete absence of ME/CFS/FMS/POTS symptoms and am happy to report sustained complete recovery.

It is my opinion that the approach used in the ANS REWIRE Program may be more effective in treating and healing these illnesses than anything we know. Recovery does not come with perfection, but rather requires commitment, persistence, and patience, and an openness and willingness to change. Although I entered into the ANS Rewire program with great skepticism, now I know that recovery is possible.

I highly recommend the ANS Rewire recovery program to anyone who is living with these illnesses.


My four part YouTube video recovery story is linked below. 

Update on My Life:

During the worst period of COVID 19 I completed a training program and am now a nationally certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. In 2019 I opened my own business called Divine Hypnotherapy, LLC. Many of my clients are living with ME/CFS/FM/POTS/PTSD. Some are in various stages of recovery. Five years ago, I literally could not have imagined where I’d be today, and I never would have guessed my life would look and feel like this. I’m forever grateful to Dan and the Universe for presenting the opportunity for me to heal myself, and now to be able to give back to the community of chronic illness and help others is a wonderful dividend. I’d be honored to work with you, so if you are interested, please visit my website DIVINE HYPNOTHERAPY.  I hope you have found this supportive. Claudia Goodell 

Visit the website ANS REWIRE webiste for more information

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